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With decades of commitment, Gordon Appraisal has assisted numerous individuals through intricate processes. Trust our skilled appraisers to deliver a high-quality and defensible opinion of value.

Top Tax Appeal/Abatement Appraisals in Rhode Island

Navigating the complexities of property taxes can be challenging, and that's where Gordon Appraisal's Tax Appeal/Abatement Appraisals come into play. It's a prudent move to request an appraisal to ensure you're paying the correct amount of property tax, considering the ever-changing real estate landscape. With years of experience in the industry, we bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, having encountered and successfully addressed a diverse range of tax appraisal scenarios.


Our Tax Appeal/Abatement Appraisal service is designed to assist property owners in challenging their property tax appraisals. We understand that over time, property values can fluctuate, and tax appraisals may not accurately reflect these changes. Our seasoned appraisers conduct thorough appraisals, leveraging their expertise to provide an accurate and defensible opinion of your property's value. Whether you're a homeowner or a commercial property owner, our service ensures that you are fairly appraised and paying the correct amount of property tax.


At Gordon Appraisal, we've witnessed the nuances and intricacies involved in tax appeal and abatement cases. Our team not only delivers precise appraisals but also provides support and guidance throughout the appeal process. We stand by our clients, advocating for fair and accurate property tax appraisals, and offering a robust defense of our appraisals when needed.


Entrust your Tax Appeal/Abatement Appraisals to Gordon Appraisal and benefit from our commitment to accuracy, professionalism, and client advocacy. We ensure that your property tax appraisal aligns with the current market conditions, providing you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are paying a fair and just amount.

Trusted Partners in Tri-State Property Appraisal


Correct, Fair
Market Value

Gordon Appraisal delivers fair market value opinions, backed by meticulous analysis and industry expertise.

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With an expansive Tri-State reach, Gordon Appraisal offers their professional services across multiple regions, ensuring comprehensive property valuation and appraisal solutions.


Decades of
Trusted Partnership

Benefit from Gordon Appraisal's decades-long legacy of trusted partnerships, providing unwavering reliability and expertise in property valuation for sustained client confidence.

FAQs: Insights on Tax Appeal/Abatement Appraisals

Why should I consider a Tax Appeal/Abatement Appraisal?

Gordon Appraisal's Tax Appeal/Abatement Appraisal is essential when you suspect that your property tax appraisal may not accurately reflect your property's current value. If you believe you are over-appraised, our appraisers can provide a defensible opinion of value, supporting your appeal for a fair and accurate property tax appraisal.

How does the tax appeal process work, and how can Gordon Appraisal assist me?

The tax appeal process involves challenging the appraised value of your property. Our experienced appraisers thoroughly appraise your property, considering market trends, comparable sales, and other relevant factors. We provide a comprehensive appraisal report that serves as a strong foundation for your appeal, increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Can Gordon Appraisal defend its appraisals in a tax appeal case?

Absolutely. Our appraisers are not only skilled in providing accurate valuations but also in defending them during the tax appeal process. We understand the importance of a defensible opinion of value, and we stand by our appraisals, offering robust support and representation to ensure a fair and just resolution to your tax appeal case.


“I consistently use James when possible for appraisals for mortgage purposes. His company's communication and reports represent the peak of professionalism. Orders are processed expediently, and I have heard positive feedback from my clients about their interactions with James and his staff. I would not hesitate to recommend him for any real estate valuation purpose."

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