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Gordon Appraisal's legacy spans decades, offering invaluable assistance to numerous individuals facing challenging processes. Let our seasoned appraisers provide you with a quality and defensible opinion of value.

Funeral Homes / Mortuary Referral Partnerships

Gordon Appraisal Company, a distinguished name in the real estate appraisal industry, stands out for its commitment to excellence. While we specialize in residential property appraisal, it's important to note that our expertise does not extend to the valuation of funeral homes themselves. Instead, we proudly offer our services as a referral partner to funeral homes providing clients with service packages.


Recognizing the intricate nature of settling estates, Gordon Appraisal Company serves as an ideal referral partner for funeral homes seeking reliable residential appraisal services for their clients. Our dedicated team understands the significance of accurate property valuation in the estate planning process, providing funeral homes with a trusted resource to refer their clients to.


By collaborating with Gordon Appraisal Company, funeral homes can ensure that their clients receive top-notch residential appraisal services, contributing to a seamless and well-informed estate settlement process.

Trusted Partners in Tri-State Property Appraisal


Correct, Fair
Market Value

Gordon Appraisal delivers fair market value opinions, backed by meticulous analysis and industry expertise.

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With an expansive Tri-State

reach, Gordon Appraisal offers

their professional services across multiple regions, ensuring comprehensive property valuation and appraisal solutions.


Decades of
Trusted Partnership

Benefit from Gordon Appraisal's decades-long legacy of trusted partnerships, providing unwavering reliability and expertise in property valuation for sustained client confidence.

FAQs for Funeral Homes/Mortuary Appraisals

How can Gordon Appraisal assist during a divorce or estate settlement process?

In probate or estate settlements, property valuation is crucial. Gordon Appraisal's team provides defendable opinions of value essential for the equitable distribution of assets. We ensure accuracy and professionalism, supporting clients through these challenging processes.

What factors does Gordon Appraisal consider in estate or probate property appraisals?

Our appraisers meticulously appraise estate properties, considering various factors such as property condition, market trends, historical data, and comparable sales. This comprehensive approach ensures a reliable and accurate valuation for legal and financial purposes.


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Whether you're a first-time homebuyer, a seasoned investor, or somewhere in between, this guide is your key to making informed decisions. Don't miss out on expert insights. 
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