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For decades, Gordon Appraisal has helped countless people through challenging processes. Our experienced appraisers will ensure a quality and defendable opinion of value.

Top Divorce, Probate and Estate Appraisals in Rhode Island

Divorce, probate, and estate appraisals are crucial during significant life transitions involving property division or inheritance. Gordon Appraisal specializes in providing appraisals in these situations, drawing on decades of experience.

In divorce cases, property often needs to be valued fairly to ensure equitable distribution between spouses. Real estate appraisal helps by providing an objective and professional appraisals of the property's value, considering various factors like market conditions, property condition, and comparable sales.


For probate and estate matters, accurate valuation of assets is crucial for legal and financial purposes. Gordon Appraisal's team understands the sensitivity of these situations and provides appraisals that stand up to scrutiny, ensuring a defendable opinion of value that can be used in court or for estate planning.

Gordon Appraisal Company will not only deliver quality appraisals. Their experienced appraisers not only provide quality appraisals, but ensure clients feel guided and informed throughout the whole appraisal process. They prioritize precision, professionalism, and empathy in their services, recognizing the importance of these appraisals in facilitating fair and just outcomes during difficult times.

Trusted Partners in Tri-State Property Appraisal


Correct, Fair
Market Value

Gordon Appraisal delivers fair market value opinions, backed by meticulous analysis and industry expertise.

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With an expansive Tri-State

reach, Gordon Appraisal offers

their professional services across multiple regions, ensuring comprehensive property valuation and appraisal solutions.


Decades of
Trusted Partnership

Benefit from Gordon Appraisal's decades-long legacy of trusted partnerships, providing unwavering reliability and expertise in property valuation for sustained client confidence.

FAQs from Divorce Attorneys

How can Gordon Appraisal assist during a divorce or estate settlement process?

In divorce, probate, or estate settlements, property valuation is crucial. Gordon Appraisal's team provide defendable opinions of value essential for the equitable distribution of assets. We ensure accuracy and professionalism, supporting clients through these challenging processes.

What factors does Gordon Appraisal consider in estate or probate property appraisals?

Our appraisers meticulously appraise estate properties, considering various factors such as property condition, market trends, historical data, and comparable sales. This comprehensive approach ensures a reliable and accurate valuation for legal and financial purposes.

Can Gordon Appraisal assist in resolving property disputes during divorce proceedings?

Absolutely. Our appraisals offer an objective and impartial evaluation of property values, assisting in fair property division during divorce. With decades of experience, we provide thorough appraisals that stand up to scrutiny, supporting clients in navigating property-related disputes.


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Whether you're a first-time homebuyer, a seasoned investor, or somewhere in between, this guide is your key to making informed decisions. Don't miss out on expert insights.
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